To my ever-AWESOME 'U'

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I stuck out mine
to grab, hold and shake yours -_-
Those hands I've never held  with lust.
Even out of intimacy,
I've held them precisely twice....

After ages since we parted
Yet again we met
Dressed...  formal
The presenter.... and the volunteer
The tag tugged to my white shirt said,
"Research Conference Support staff"...

Sorry I'm not sure...
whether I wore it or not.
Your face told many things;)
But I think mine gave out nothing.

I saw...  or did I just imagine?
Delight lit in your sparkling eyes...
Exuberance in your smiling lips...
Pride across your blossoming torso....

It was never a dream,
But I...
Still can't believe,
That I let it go wasted.
Having withdrawn mine,
To end my wish,
with the usual jerky awkwardness..
That you secretly yearned
But seemingly loathed:P

Best of Luck dear Princess,
No longer mine
perhaps one fine day ,
would have been my queen;)