Fan Life

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It propels from morn to dusk
like wings blowing the wind
cutting through the particles of Memory-dust

Whilst rotating in a slower pace
from jolted birth
At the left most end
through the center of happening youth
till it reaches the black melted death
at the rightmost end

Ease, peace and bliss
Spread like the soothing cool breeze
all around the world
Chills many a soul
comforts many a heart
Sans leaving a trail behind to feel

Nobody bothers to weep
for the wind that's blown away
with their sighs, fragrances and farts
Having heaped much heat
Within the mortar behind those blades
That burns and wastes away
The streaming electrons in Wots...
The Power bill money can settle,
But the sweat, tears, memories and thoughts