To my ever-AWESOME 'U'

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I stuck out mine
to grab, hold and shake yours -_-
Those hands I've never held  with lust.
Even out of intimacy,
I've held them precisely twice....

After ages since we parted
Yet again we met
Dressed...  formal
The presenter.... and the volunteer
The tag tugged to my white shirt said,
"Research Conference Support staff"...

Sorry I'm not sure...
whether I wore it or not.
Your face told many things;)
But I think mine gave out nothing.

I saw...  or did I just imagine?
Delight lit in your sparkling eyes...
Exuberance in your smiling lips...
Pride across your blossoming torso....

It was never a dream,
But I...
Still can't believe,
That I let it go wasted.
Having withdrawn mine,
To end my wish,
with the usual jerky awkwardness..
That you secretly yearned
But seemingly loathed:P

Best of Luck dear Princess,
No longer mine
perhaps one fine day ,
would have been my queen;)

The Angel I found at the desert’s transit

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alas! at last, I beheld a  silver line.
Amidst the heavy clouds of gloom, and pain that has cracked with grief.
 the tears with torrents of booms, like the showers poured on and on.
In the glistening silvery light, I beheld a golden shadow.

Quite a site it was, I eagerly yearned to  see,
With those ever dimming eyes, of a withering  dithering Bee.
A gentle and sweet angel, I murmured to myself,
I wished with a pounding heart, at least I could be her elf.

With her kind and genteel  words, she soothed my entire soul,
Like a phoenix born from ashes, she made me rise from my fall.
Charmed by her singsong voice, I earned her sisterly choice.
Armed with strength and joys, She bestowed me a brand new voice.

Lost in an endless desert, the time I suffered is gone,
On to the green I shall return, blessed with her plenty’s hone.
In her twinkling pink-filled world, I’ll  mold her heart in gold,
And hoist her swing to the peak, for her to be never ever called so old.

A confession , Plea and a Pledge

Friday, May 18, 2012

To a thirsty soul that was stranded in a heath,
It was a ‘fairy’ that brought a modicum of mirth.
As the care and warmth was in a desperate dearth.
With a soothing voice she shook his earth.

Foul was fair for this sinful bloke,
Hence she declared her parting with a stroke.
Struck with grief for the sudden thwart
In a slip of a glitch he sputtered a thought.

Her hurt was fiery and so was his guilt
The challis of preserved peace, thus was spilt.
The grief was smelt and the pain was felt
Yet the hurt one’s heart seemed unmelt.

For gazillion times, pardon he did plead
Still and forever shall he suffer for his deed?
Tears from his eyes flow at a breezing speed,
Till she responds, the fall remains inceased.

By any one or thing she chooses, he’s more than ready to swear
Any precious thing she pleases, he’s up in arms to share
Any doom that she faces, he’ll be with her right there,
Anyone but her gracious, company is all he care