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Saturday, January 2, 2010

“The dear departed” before “The Proposal”;
O level rubbish, haunts me still
But just as two phrases… hmm yeah, phrases,
Now they make sense within curly brazes.

Some hearts are to be offered,
And the others are to be earned
Aren’t there any for sale?
Does my question drive you pale?

If the peace can be bought and sold,
If the world can be put in a mold
Why can’t the hearts be bartered
Shouldn’t norms be re-smarted?

Plenty of Space for Creative Minds to Express themselves in Their Own Way

Hi there,

I decided to take a creative turn in 2010
not alone;
on my own,
But with you all.

Don't let the creative thoughts that blossom within you all of a sudden,
to vanish like bubbles.
But instead,
Rush to your PC
or simply take your Mo Phonie,
key it all
and send it up here

Via Email : creative.quills@gmail.com
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Awaiting your creative thoughts
T. G. J. Rukmal

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