The Angel I found at the desert’s transit

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alas! at last, I beheld a  silver line.
Amidst the heavy clouds of gloom, and pain that has cracked with grief.
 the tears with torrents of booms, like the showers poured on and on.
In the glistening silvery light, I beheld a golden shadow.

Quite a site it was, I eagerly yearned to  see,
With those ever dimming eyes, of a withering  dithering Bee.
A gentle and sweet angel, I murmured to myself,
I wished with a pounding heart, at least I could be her elf.

With her kind and genteel  words, she soothed my entire soul,
Like a phoenix born from ashes, she made me rise from my fall.
Charmed by her singsong voice, I earned her sisterly choice.
Armed with strength and joys, She bestowed me a brand new voice.

Lost in an endless desert, the time I suffered is gone,
On to the green I shall return, blessed with her plenty’s hone.
In her twinkling pink-filled world, I’ll  mold her heart in gold,
And hoist her swing to the peak, for her to be never ever called so old.


Shehani Karunanayake said...

Thanx lil was so nice of u....i really liked it a lootttttt

Janitha Rukmal said...

U're most welcome TEDDY PINK!
And I'm happy U commented here:)