A Tale of a Single-handed Clapper (Not Another Ubiquitous Outburst)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A hooligan swam along the seas of lunacies.
The specialists’ policies and the realists’ jealousies
Brutally tore off the vagabond’s fantacies.

Having fallen in for a ride with crabs
The world was pleased with his random sags
Having crushed himself against a frock that brags
He raped himself in those human labs.

In love with the wings that the celibacy brings
He sang his songs of wimps with grins,
At once when he saw just a blink of a wink
He flung his soul on a prim proper pink.

Caught up in a snare that meant a bridal pair
Never did he care for his due fair share.
Having sat for a rare but never-ending prayer
The single-handed clapper heads nowhere.