Wasted home-made waists(Absolutely not for hard use and/ or home-use)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In haist to be in the Wild Wild West

They cherish their dreams in force-worn breasts

To groom the groins of wealth with zest

They nestle the nozzle for a blood-stained crest.


The smiling lips betray their hopes,

The craidling teats portray their slopes,

The grinding hips resonate their tears

While the scarlet sheets emanate their fears.


Bends and curves plus hills and falls

Mend their way for the clubby-hubby waltz

Tamed and lamed in one-way roles

Lives are lived for rock 'n' roles


Kitties for some and cookies for some,

Chewed and licked like nooky-house gum

Pinched and slapped cheeks made-up plum

one-night wives may chunk their chum


Silent bridal seas astray

Shown no marks of the boats that sway

Throne overboard with a price to pay

Forever they live their lives' last day.


Modeled figures lack models for life

Whim and vigor just melt with the stripe

Jingling haggles swop slots for a wife

Untoled tales stuck still in the windpipe


Athenian sons of the fancied lineage,

Saddle the horses for the divine passage

Fairies alight at the end of their hemorrhage

Chassed for their shares at Vegas's hermitage.