Anthum of an Outcast

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Neither here nor there"

That's how it sounds like;

That's how it smells like;

That's how it tastes like…


But does it really…

seem like that?

Does it really

Matter to you?


The outcaste imagines you mumble…

"mmm well… not really"

In your rat race you stumble

And you lose the links you cherished so dearly.


The mouth-watering carrots

That your all mighty(s) hath hung beyond your reach,

Hoist you above other parrots

Whose envy you win with your speech


When your faculties help you no more

To quench their thirst of lip service,

A shocking revelation shudders your core

When you realize that your days are numbered.


An outcast they call you hence

At first it'll make no sense

By the time you reach your fence

You'll learn it all in every sense.


Boominda Anushka said...

We all are outcasts in some way...